Scholarship in the School of Pharmacy

Date of Release: February 10, 2014

Publication: Dr. Sarah Martin, Department of Basic Pharmaceutical Sciences, was notified that on January 4, 2014, that her article, “The Maine Nutrition and Physical Activity Self Assessment for Childcare (NAP SACC) Experience” was accepted for publication in the Journal of Child and Adolescent Behavior.

Dr. Martin and two student research assistants, Becky Cook from UMF and Ryan Knaus from USM, evaluated Nutrition and Physical Activity Self Assessment for Child Care (NAP SACC), an evidenced-based program for the childcare setting, for the state of Maine as implemented via stimulus funding during the year 2011. The program evaluation included telephone interviews with NAP SACC consultants (N = 17), childcare directors (N = 29); an on-site observation of a subset of the centers (n=6), and one quantitative measure: the self-assessment (pre- and post), which is a NAP SACC tool used at the childcare center level. Overall, notable improvements were observed in the areas of nutrition and physical activity. Changes such as improved policies regarding nutrition and the purchasing of playground equipment were regarded as positive improvements and will contribute to better health outcomes beyond program implementation.

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