Newest Pharmacy Practice Faculty Hits the Ground Running

Date of Release: May 27, 2014

Anthony Casapao, Pharm.D., attended the 24th European Congress of Clinical Microbiology and Infectious Diseases at Barcelona, Catalonia from May 9th to May 14th. This is an international meeting that attracts around 10,000 participants that consists of microbiologists, physicians, and pharmacists. The conference offered a wide range of sessions including, keynotes, symposia, posters, educational workshops, meet-the-expert sessions and more. Dr. Casapao presented three posters during this conference, two of them as a primary author. The titles of the research projects were:
• The effectiveness and safety with ceftaroline fosamil therapy for lower respiratory tract infections in a retrospective multi-centre study.
• Retrospective multi-centre experience of the effectiveness and safety with ceftaroline fosamil therapy in patients with acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections.
• Rapid diagnostic testing with GeneXpert improves enrollment in a randomised clinical trial for detection of methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus in acute bacterial skin and skin structure infections.
Additionally, he received an acceptance letter from the MAD-ID (Making a Difference in Infectious Diseases pharmacotherapy) organization for a recent abstract submission and will have a poster presented at the 17th Annual MAD-ID meeting, Orlando, FL, May 29th to May 31st. The poster is "Implementing the National Healthcare Safety Network's Antibiotic Utilization and Resistance Program to Determine Resistance among Key Nosocomial Pathogen." This research project was funded by the National Healthcare Safety Network (endorsed by the Center for Disease Control and Prevention [CDC]) and the Michigan Department of Community Health. “We were able to distinguish significant correlations between exposure to specific antimicrobials and development of decreased susceptibility according to the type of patient care unit.” This reporting option of antimicrobial exposure pattern assisted in the antimicrobial stewardship processes and benchmarking based on unit type and even between similar units.

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