Behavioral Science Minor

The Minor in Behavioral Sciences

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The following courses count toward the Behavioral Science Minor.

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Course Number
Course Name
Credit Hours
PY 111
General Psychology
3 CR.HR.
PY 141
Human Growth and Development
3 CR.HR.
PY 232
Abnormal Psychology
3 CR.HR.
PY 333
Psychology of Personality
3 CR.HR.
PY 431
Behavior Modification/Seminar in Learning
3 CR.HR.
PY 499
1-3 variable CR.HR.
SY 201
Principles of Sociology
3 CR.HR.
SY 211
Contemporary Social Issues
3 CR.HR.
SY 312
Sociology of Work
3 CR.HR.
SY 499
1-3 variable CR.HR.