The Minor in History

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Course options

A student may transfer a maximum of 6 credits to be applied towards the History Minor.

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The following courses constitute the History Minor

Course Number
Course Name
Credit Hours
BA 111
Economic Geography
3 CR.HR.
HY 101
History of Western Civilization
3 CR.HR.
HY 111
United States History I
3 CR.HR.
HY 112
United States History II
3 CR.HR.
HY 211
American National Government
3 CR.HR.
HY 221
United States Social History
3 CR.HR.
HY 301
The 20th Century
3 CR.HR.
HY 321
United States Military History I
3 CR.HR.
HY 341
International Relations
3 CR.HR.
HY 421
Development of American Business in the 20th Century
3 CR.HR.
HY 499
3 CR.HR.