Master of Science in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Suggested curriculum for graduate study. The final year, a 900-hour Clinical Internship (taking place in the 12th and 13th semesters) may include the summer. Electives include but are not limited to: CO 723 Practices in Counseling Young Children & Adolescents; CO 825 Psychopharmacology, CO 827 Crisis Intervention, CO 810 Human Sexuality, and CO 799 Special Topics.

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Program of Study

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Core Curriculum

Course Number
Course Name
Credit Hours
CO 700
Orientation to the Professions of Counseling and Human Relations
3 CR.HR.
CO 702
Human Growth and Development
3 CR.HR.
CO 703
Research and Program Evaluation
3 CR.HR.
CO 704
Social and Cultural Diversity
3 CR.HR.
CO 705
Theories of Counseling
3 CR.HR.
CO 710
Counseling Techniques
3 CR.HR.
CO 711
Legal, Ethical and Professional Issues in Counseling
3 CR.HR.
CO 712
Group Process
3 CR.HR.
CO 721
Assessment in Counseling
3 CR.HR.
CO 722
Career Development and Counseling
3 CR.HR.
CO 801
Marriage and Family Counseling
3 CR.HR.
CO 805
Addictions Counseling: Treatment and Contemporary Issues
3 CR.HR.
CO 827
Crisis Intervention
3 CR.HR.
CO 846
Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Planning with Adults
3 CR.HR.
CO 867
Clinical Diagnosis and Treatment Planning with Children and Adolescents
3 CR.HR.
CO 890
6 CR.HR.
CO 891
Counseling Internship I
3 CR.HR.
CO 892
Counseling Internship II
3 CR.HR.