Post Master's Certificate - Family and Community Nurse Practitioner

Suggested Curriculum

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Program of Study

The following is the required Program of Study for the Post Master's Certificate Option. The identification of courses within this Program of Study to be challenged and/or transferred will be determined on an individual basis upon review of graduate transcripts. Students with a Master's degree in Nursing who wish to apply for this option will follow the same application process identified in the Program catalog except that they do not need to fulfill the MAT/GRE requirement. However, we strongly encourage prospective applicants to meet with the Program Director to discuss their individual course work.

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Course Plan

Course Number
Course Name
Credit Hours
NU 702
Advanced Pharmacotherapeutics
3 CR.HR.
NU 703
Roles for Advanced Nursing Practice
2 CR.HR.
NU 704
Advanced Health Assessment
3 CR.HR.
NU 706
Advanced Pathophysiology
3 CR.HR.
NU 730
Interprofessional Issues in Rural Community Health
3 CR.HR.
NU 740
Public Health Policy Issues and Challenges
3 CR.HR.
NU 802
Family Health II
6 CR.HR.
NU 806
Family Health IV -- Integrating Primary Care (168 Internship Hours)
6 CR.HR.
NU 807
Family Health I Pediatrics (168 Internship Hours)
6 CR.HR.
NU 808
Family Health I Women
3 CR.HR.