English and Math Placement

All students are required to demonstrate competency in Math and English. Before starting in their first year, students are placed in English and Math courses based on their application, SAT scores or other measures. Students appearing to need additional preparation in order to succeed at the University may be required to take English and Math Course with a designation of 09X. The credits awarded for such course do not count toward degree completion. Students who believe they have been improperly assigned to such courses are encouraged to talk to their instructors, advisors, and the head of the English and Math departments.

Students who fail to earn a grade of "C" or better in courses designated as 09X, must repeat them in the subsequent semester.

English and math placement exams are required of all students that do not have college transfer or AP credit in English composition and/or Math.  Students that do not have credit and do not take the on-line test will not be able to take an English Composition or Math class until this is done.  Testing information is required to do your schedule for classes.