Paula TingleyWelcome to the College of Health and Education at Husson University. The University brand of “U&HUSSON” reflects the strong commitment of administration, faculty, and staff to all students. We take great pride in offering innovative, challenging undergraduate and advanced degree programs that are led by highly credentialed, experienced faculty who offer top quality courses in each of the following programs:  Education, Graduate Counseling, Nursing, Occupational Therapy, and Physical Therapy. The College of Health and Education continually aspires to fulfill the primary mission of Husson University as an institution that “inspires and prepares students for professional careers in current and emerging fields within the context of an education informed by the sciences and humanities”. 

We believe that each of our students has the potential to make a significant impact in their chosen profession. The delivery of educational excellence is ensured through rigorous coursework combined with rich and varied experiential learning opportunities and in-depth exposure in the particular area of a student’s concentration. Our faculty members are highly skilled in their ability to establish individualized, professionally focused advisor/advisee relationships with the goal of helping advisees achieve their educational and career goals. A comprehensive array of resources exists to support the intellectual and personal development of students as they progress through their professional programs.

Our uniquely designed learning opportunities are carefully integrated into the curriculum at all levels with the goal of preparing students to be competitive on a global scale. Each program is purposely designed to graduate knowledgeable and skilled practitioners that are independent, creative, well-informed decision makers who understand the critical importance of effective collaboration with colleagues. 

Our flexible educational formats of course delivery are strategically designed to focus on personalizing each student’s learning experience.  In order to support further education and meet individual needs, many of our courses are offered during the day, evening, online and in hybrid formats.  

Graduates from Husson University’s College of Health and Education have proven to be highly sought after professionals who are well prepared to successfully compete in an ever-expanding global marketplace and to assume leadership positions in their specific areas of professional concentration. If a career in healthcare, education, or counseling is of interest to you, we hope you will consider visiting our campus and learning more us.  We look forward to meeting you!

Paula B. Tingley, Ed.D.
Interim Dean
College of Health and Education
Husson University