A network flowchart.Preparing highly skilled technology professional with a strong core of business knowledge.

Computer Information Systems (CIS) specialists operate the computer systems, networks, and design the software that is so vital to businesses and organizations today. The Husson CIS curriculum includes a strong core of general business courses as well as special training in computer programming, hardware, networking, and project management.

Information technology is one of the fastest growing job fields. Solving strategic business problems through the effective use of technology can be an exciting and rewarding career. IT professionals work with management to determine both technical and business goals and implement technology that is both effective and reliable to accomplish these goals. This requires a strong understanding of both business and technology practices.

Husson offers several CIS degree options:

  • The two-year Associate in Science program prepares graduates for entry-level positions as computer programmers and applications users. All credits in the two-year program are transferable into the four-year program.
  • The four-year Bachelor of Science program prepares graduates for entry-level positions as programmer/analysts with potential to move to the level of system analyst or manager.
  • A special four and one-half year program in Accounting and CIS is also available; it is described fully under programs in Accounting.
  • A five-year track is available for students who wish to earn a B.S. in CIS and a master in business administration. By combining the B.S. in C.I.S. with an MBA, students are prepared to take on additional responsibility within the organization and assuming leadership roles.
  • Students who major in other fields may choose to complete a minor in CIS.

We are looking for people who have the ability to think logically and to make constant decisions. They must be able to multi-task, to pay close attention to detail, to have good communication skills, leadership skills and strong organizational skills.

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