Boiler Operator/HVAC Technician

General statement of duties and responsibilities: Performs work on heating, ventilating, air conditioning, and refrigeration systems and related electric and pneumatic controls.

Specific duties and responsibilities:
•Maintains, repairs, and replaces hot water, condenser, and chilled water systems, including pumps, control valves, heat exchangers, and related controls.
•Maintains, repairs, and replaces air-moving, heating, cooling, humidification, and filtering equipment and systems such as fans, heat pumps, fan coil units, rooftop packages air conditioning units, solar panels, electronic and pneumatic modulating thermostats, pressure and volume controls.
•Maintains, repairs and replaces low- and high-pressure boilers used for heating and their combustion and control systems.
•Maintains, repairs, and replaces equipment related to heating and cooling, such as air compressors and their related controls systems.
•Fabricates tubing or piping for pneumatic control systems, which may involve soldering, brazing, welding, etc.
•Operates energy management or building automation systems that control heating and cooling systems.
•Reads and records gauge readings on various types of equipment.
•Performs minor installation or modification work on heating and cooling systems and controls, including planning the work; estimating and arranging the materials, supplies, and equipment required.
•Inspects work site for planned work’s impact on other trades and occupants.
•Performs related duties as assigned.

Qualifications required:
•High-pressure boiler operator license.
•#1 and #2 oil up to 15 gallons per hour masters.

•Knowledge of natural gas and propane preferred.
•Knowledge of refrigeration theory and computation of heating and cooling loads and capacities.
•Ability to use hand tools and testing and measuring devices such as draft gauges, soldering irons, hand torches, multi-meters, etc., and other hand tools and power equipment used in the trade.
•Ability to read and interpret blueprints, schematic drawings, charts, and technical instructions.
•Ability to accurately maintain equipment inventory and history records.
•Ability to prepare comprehensive reports and to present facts clearly, both orally and in writing.
•Ability to lift and carry heavy objects.
•Ability to climb, and work from, ladders and scaffolding.
•Ability to work in confined spaces.

Physical Requirements: Must be able to lift, push or pull up to 50 pounds. May be required to work on ladders or staging for extended periods. Requires standing, kneeling and bending for extended periods. May be required to work irregular hours on occasion. May be exposed to chemical, mechanical, or electrical hazards. May be exposed to dust dusts, fumes, or odoriferous working conditions.

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