Assistant Professor of Chemistry & Mathematics

The instructor component of this position is responsible for teaching both lecture and lab courses in Chemistry and introductory courses in Mathematics, assessing student performance and reporting grades for coursework. Specific courses are decided by the Dean of Science and Humanities. The laboratory coordinator component of this position is responsible for the daily operation of the chemistry labs, equipment maintenance and operation, method development, inventory and ordering and maintaining physical and safety requirements of the lab.

Duties and responsibilities:
-Developing and presenting materials necessary for chemistry lecture instruction
-Developing and presenting materials necessary for mathematics lecture instruction
-Developing lab exercises and presenting them in lab
-Assessing student performance in lecture and lab courses
-Maintaining general lab equipment including cleaning and inventory
-Maintaining and developing methods and lab exercises for instrumentation
-Maintaining, installing, troubleshooting, and operating multiple analytical instruments
-Training students and staff to operate selected instrumentation
-Equip labs for weekly lab exercises.
-Computer installation, maintenance, troubleshooting, and training in lab
-Participate in planning for the growth of the lab capabilities as programs expand
-Maintain safe working conditions in the lab using appropriate inventory, interaction, storage, and training students in safe laboratory methods
-Other duties as mutually agreed upon with the Dean

Qualifications: Must have a minimum MS in Chemistry, Mathematics or a related field. Must be able to work independently with minimal supervision, and function collegially and effectively within a team environment. Must be able to demonstrate successful teaching strategies. Should be able to operate and maintain multiple analytical instruments. Must have basic network and computer programming skills.

Supervisory Responsibilities: The employee has supervisory responsibility over students and staff when operating in the lab or classroom.

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School of Science and Humanities  
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