In this phase of decision-making you will think and reflect about your interests, skills, values, and how the other parts of your life fit into what you want to do for a living. Most people go through this phase several times as they try different jobs or careers out to see how they fit. Doing this kind of assessment can help you link to jobs that use the skills you enjoy, fulfill the values that are important to you, and the interests that you develop. Assessments can help you figure out what your interests, skills, and values are and tie them to possible jobs or careers. Below are links to three options including Sigi3, an online career assessment tool, the Personality Mosaic, and the Art of Career Decision-Making developed by James Westhoff.


Sigi3 is an online career assessment tool that is easy to use. You can do one or all of the assessments that include interests, skills, values, and personality to see what careers might be best fits for you. This is free for all Husson students.

Personality Mosaic

The Personality Mosaic is a free assessment based on John Holland's theory of career development. He divided the world of work into six personality themes called the RIASEC Code (Realistic, Investigative, Artistic, Social, Enterprising, and Conventional). People generally are strongest in one of these areas and have two other themes that become their three letter code (i.e., SIA). This is a self-scoring assessment that you can print out and take. Come in and review the results with us, as this can be very helpful.

Sixteen Personalities

Sixteen Personalities  is a short online version of the Myers Briggs Type Indicator.  This assessment talks about personality type and gives you an overview of strengths, weaknesses, and how you best interact with others.  It also talks about personality fit for careers too.  You can cut and paste the summary results into Word for yourself.  There is also on option to purchase the test results that we don't recommend as we feel the summary results provide enough clarity.

The Art of Career Decision Making 

The Art of Career Decision-Making Is a paper and pencil assessment developed by James Westhoff, Director of Career Services.  It takes you through several exercises to learn about your interests, values, skills and abilities.