Alumni Board Executive Committee

Steve Ferris ’85   President
Glenn Mower ‘96  Vice President

Louise Banville ’99 Secretary

Alumni Board Members

Dottie Cerbone ‘66                           Roberta Winchell ‘94
Tony Cerbone ‘72                            
Liana Fellis ‘07
Shawn Yardley ‘85                           Anne Baker '63, '83, '91          
Jack Donovan ‘66                            Edward Baker '63
Stephanie Baillargeon ‘88                Mary McCarthy '93
Paula Ballesteros ‘04                       Leslie Trott Pelkey '02
Phil Fredrick ‘73                               Matt Mackenzie '10
Evelyn Lutz ‘83                                Jaclyn Fish '05
Gene Nardi ‘63

Southern Maine Alumni Board Members

Christopher Paradis '97                 Jack Donovan '64 Chairman of the Board
Bob MacKenzie '13                        Roger Daigle '72
Odie Bachelder '02                        Lee Ann Lowe '87

Alumni Board Emeritus

Clara Swan '33
Ralph Bickford '56
Paul Husson '07

Husson Alumni Board 2013

Southern Maine Alumni Board

Southern Maine Alumni Board

Alumni Association Mission

The mission of the Husson University Alumni Association is to serve as ambassadors between the past and the future, the alumni, and the University; to strengthen relationships among students, parents, faculty, and the community; to build spirit and support for the University through communications and events; to provide advice and counsel to the administration and the Board of Trustees; and to promote educational excellence.

Alumni Board Meeting Dates

If you are interested in participating on the alumni board, please contact the alumni office,