Graduate Admission Application

The Graduate Admission Application covers application into all Husson graduate programs with the exception of Nursing, Pharmacy and Physical Therapy. Nursing, Pharmacy and Physical Therapy applicants are required to complete an application specific to Graduate Nursing, the School of Pharmacy and Physical Therapy (see below "School of Pharmacy" and "School of Physical Therapy").

Please click here to apply to a Graduate Program.

**Please note....our application cycle for 2017 will begin on October 25, 2016.  If you would like to apply prior to that date, please complete the electronic application and select 2016 and indicate in your essay that you are interested in 2017 admission.  

Alternatively, you can submit a paper application using this link.

Graduate Re-entry Admission Application

Students who have previous experience in graduate work at Husson and who wish to re-enter a graduate studies program will need to complete the the Graduate Re-entry Application.

Please click here for the Graduate Re-entry Application.

Non-Degree Application

Please click here for the Graduate Non-Degree Application.

Recommendation Forms

Recommendation forms are required for all graduate programs. Please call Graduate Admissions at (207) 922-4994 for specific program details.

The recommendation forms are not part of the online application. For the Special Student registration form (Nursing only) click on the link to the right.

All applicants should see the admissions policies information associated with their desired program. These can be found under Graduate/Professional Admissions Policies. 

Application Deadlines 

Master of Education - December 15, 2016 for spring entry. Fall applications are not currently being accepted.

M.S. in Clinical Mental Health Counseling - February 1 for Fall Admission

M.S. in Criminal Justice Administration - Rolling Admissions

M.S. in Human Relations - February 1 for Fall Admission

M.S. in Nursing - March 31st for Fall Admission - with early decision deadline of November 15th *

Nursing Post- Masters Certificate - June 30th for Fall Admission

M.S. in Occupational Therapy - May 1st for Fall Admission

M.S. in School Counseling - February 1 for Fall Admission

Master of Education - May 1st

Doctor of Pharmacy - March 1**

Doctor of Physical Therapy - April 1***

Husson University programs with rolling admissions deadlines request that materials be fully submitted at least four weeks before the start of each semester to ensure adequate time for processing and review.

*NURSING APPLICANTS – are requested to fill out the NursingCAS application, available online at

**PHARMACY APPLICANTS – are requested to fill out the PharmCAS application, available online at

***PHYSICAL THERAPY APPLICANTS – are requested to fill out the PTCAS application, available online at

Contact Graduate Admissions for more information.

Supplemental Documentation

Many departments require materials in addition to the Graduate Application, such as recommendations, official sealed transcripts, exam scores, or professional licenses.  Because programs may require additional documentation than what is listed, please visit the specific department web-page to view a full list of application materials.