College of BusinessCollege of Business

In Husson’s College of Business you’ll learn from passionate professors who bring their profound real-world experience and expertise into the classroom to enhance your learning. Our professors make it their mission to educate, enable and empower students like you to excel. It’s all part of our U&HUSSON philosophy.

Thanks to Husson’s small size, we have the flexibility to customize your degree in ways that meet your personal needs and interests.

You can choose from traditional majors like business administration to more unique courses of study like sport and tourism management. You’ll leave ready to communicate effectively, think critically and work in an ever-expanding global economy.

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College of Health and EducationCollege of Health and Education

Husson’s College of Health and Education brings the study of education, nursing, occupational therapy and physical therapy under one comprehensive umbrella.

A degree from Husson’s College of Health and Education – whether in kinesiology or secondary education – ensures that you’ll acquire the fundamentals of knowledge and practical experience necessary to expertly educate and care for the members of your community.

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New England School of CommunicationsNew England School of Communications

In late 2013, Husson welcomed the New England School of Communications (NESCom) into its academic family. NESCom can prepare you for a broad range of careers in the fields of video/film, radio broadcasting, audio engineering, live sound technology, webmedia, journalism, sports journalism, marketing communications, and entertainment production.

At NESCom, you’ll learn a wide range of skills by using industry standard equipment and software with experiential learning opportunities under a faculty with extensive career experience. NESCom has partnerships that allow you to apply classroom knowledge to the real-world.

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College of Science and HumanitiesSchool of Science and Humanities

In the College of Science and Humanities, you’ll take classes that prepare you to work in healthcare management, environmental and regulatory agencies, pharmaceutical and biotechnology industries and psychology fields.

Our new Health Sciences major can prepare you for a career in medicine, public or allied health, while the pre-pharmacy track will ready you for Husson’s Doctor of Pharmacy program.

The English major has a more intense focus on writing and rhetoric than any other English program in Maine so you can become an exceptional communicator.

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School of PharmacyHusson University School of Pharmacy

Did you know that pharmacy practice is the third-largest health profession in the United States? Demand for pharmacists remains strong, and the Maine Department of Labor projects a significant increase in pharmaceutical careers in coming years. Husson University’s School of Pharmacy has positioned itself as a contributor to this growth by training doctoral students for all practice settings, with an emphasis on rural populations.

Start your pre-pharmacy studies at Husson during your first two years and complete your Doctorate of Pharmacy in only four more. Our pre-pharmacy faculty advisors make sure you stay on track to successfully gain admission to the doctoral phase of the program.

Once enrolled as a doctoral student, you’ll be interacting with real patients in real-world clinical settings and learning from our nationally renowned faculty with expertise in the areas of cancer, alcohol and wound healing research to name a few. In addition you’ll get practical training in labs specially designed for the pharmaceutical sciences.

For more information on the Doctor of Pharmacy program, follow this link.