The Center for Academic Services (CAS) offers several programs and services to help support you in your academic endeavors.

Supplemental Instructors

The CAS offers supplemental instruction for Anatomy & Physiology I and II and Chemistry I and II. Supplemental instructors (SIs) are peers who have already successfully completed the class and who attend the class again alongside current students taking the course. SIs then reteach the instructor's material several times throughout the week so students can benefit from hearing it a second--or even third--time. SIs are also available throughout the week for individual and small group study sessions.

Supplemental instruction schedules are available both in the Leaning Center and in the CAS.

Academic Advising

The CAS provides individualized academic advising for students who are undecided on a major or who feel they are not in the correct major. Staff also work with students to develop individual academic plans for those who are not currently experiencing academic success.

Family Collaboration

The CAS collaborates with parents to support their student's academic success as long as students have a signed Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) release form. Click here for more information on FERPA.

The Writing Center and the Learning Center

Tutors are available five days a week and offer tutoring for many math and science courses as well as help with any type of writing.

HE 111 The Husson Experience

The Husson Experience, a course for all first-year students, focuses on learning skills, time management skills, extended orientation to campus resources, career exploration and student engagement.

Disability Accommodations

Students who have specialized learning needs work with staff in the CAS to develop accommodation plans for their college years. The most common accommodations are extra time on tests and a quiet place to take a test.