An holistic approach to nursing, creating highly-skilled professionals with an in-depth understanding of the people they serve


The School of Nursing will be an innovative leader in educating nurses who are caring, competent and committed to individual and global health.


The School of Nursing provides leadership in nursing and healthcare through thoughtful innovation in healing, teaching and discovery. We achieve this career preparation by supporting and emphasizing:

  • Clinical excellence
  • Critical thinking
  • Student-centered learning
  • Experiential learning
  • Holistic and compassionate care
  • Self-reflection
  • Leadership
  • Interprofessional collaboration
  • Transformative curricula


The School of Nursing faculty believes that education provides students with opportunities to develop habits of critical and reflective thought and expert clinical judgment.  This type of intellectual development can best be attained in an innovative and transformative teaching-learning environment that fosters sharing of knowledge, skills, and attitudes as well as scholarship.  The faculty and students comprise a community of learners with the teacher as facilitator and the students responsible for their own learning.

A student using the simulation mannequin

One of the reasons that Husson Nursing graduates are so sought after in the job market, we believe, is the integrated approach to nursing that we take. We integrate nursing theory with hands-on-experience. We integrate concepts from the arts and humanities with facts from hard science and an array of clinical experiences in hospitals and the community. We encourage our students to develop a deep level of understanding of individuals, families, groups and communities, as well as a solid understanding of clinical reasoning and nursing technique.

You will need guidance from the faculty to successfully integrate liberal arts and nursing education, an effort that will be rewarded and enhanced by openness and self-reflection. In addition to providing guidance, faculty serve as role models in this integrated approach. You will be asked to share with your instructors the evaluation process throughout your learning experience at Husson. You will be asked to evaluate yourselves against your own goals as a learner. The goal of nursing education is commitment to life-long learning.

Nursing Program Objectives

  • Integrate knowledge of theory, liberal studies, research and evidenced-based nursing practice in the design and provision of nursing care for individuals, families, groups and communities.
  • Demonstrate entry-level competence in the role of the professional nurse.
  • Synthesize the nursing process in the care of individuals, families, groups and communities.
  • Incorporate therapeutic communication in the care of individuals, families, groups and communities.
  • Design strategies to promote optimal health for individuals, families, groups and communities in a variety of settings.
  • Demonstrate competency in informational and health care technologies.
  • Integrate professional, ethical and legal accountability within one's practice of nursing.
  • Integrate beliefs, values, and practices of individuals, families, groups and communities in the provision of holistic nursing practice.
  • Analyze health care delivery systems to include the role of the professional nurse in influencing health care issues and policies at the local, state, national and global level.
  • Assume responsibility for life long learning that enhances professional nursing practice.

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