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Husson University Southern Maine

Leadership Certificate Course: The Art & Science of Leadership

The Art and Science of Leadership

As organizations realize the importance of employee engagement, they are looking towards new ways of inspiring and motivating their staff. Two strategic areas that are having a tremendous impact directly involve coaching: managers are doing more coaching as a practice is being scaled across organizations. Without great and frequent coaching, it's difficult to ask employees to set goals flexibility and often, to help employees stretch their jobs, and to give them greater responsibility and autonomy while demanding more expertise and judgement from them.

Emotional and Social Intelligence

In the Art of Science of Leadership program you will acquire the emotional and social intelligence skills needed to become a more mindful, empathetic, coaching leader by drawing on real-world evidence for more meaningful coaching practices and dialogues. Acquiring these skills does not happen by accident or all at once. Such fundamental change requires a supportive environment that enables learning and openness to feedback.  This program does all of that and so much more!

Who Will Benefit From This Course

Whether you lead one person or hundreds of people (or hope to lead others) this course will be highly beneficial. Examples of past graduates:

• High-potential leaders
• Small business owners
• Leaders who need help getting to the next level
• The next generation of leaders
• Front line supervisors and managers
• Current and future coaches

Graduates will be able to:

• Identify their leaderships strengths
• Implement emotionally intelligent and self-aware leadership practices
• Connect with others so that others feel valued, appreciated, and “listened to”
• Establish a culture of highly motivated employees
• Create an environment that is conducive to effective feedback
• Improve their leadership effectiveness

Included in the Leadership Certificate Course:

• 360-degree online assessment and individual feedback
• Leadership Competency Model Dictionary
• Masterpieces in Leadership Best Practice Workbook
• Masterpieces in Adaptive Leadership Best Practice Workbook
• More than 20 Reusable Cognitive Tools, Worksheets, & Action Plans  
• Skill building exercises that support 12 Leadership Best Practices
• 20 relevant infographics containing visual images, insights, and questions to deepen thinking
• Recordings of each session

About Your Instructor

Leadership Certificate Course - Vince Pelote

Vince Pelote received his Bachelor of Arts in Economics from Boston College, and his Masters in Business Administration from Suffolk University in Boston. Pelote has been involved with behavioral competencies since the 1980′s when he built healthcare-specific leadership models with Lyle Spencer. His background includes coaching executives and organizational leaders on creating engaged, energized, and motivated work environments. He was the lead researcher for a major leadership-training grant that was funded by the American Society for Training & Development (ASTD) and Hay/McBer. Vince also directed the research for and co-edited the book Masterpieces in Healthcare Leadership: Cases and Analysis for Best Practice. Vince is currently the managing partner with daVinci Consulting a leadership and executive coaching firm based out of Portland, ME. He is an invited coaching and research member of the Society for Organizational Learning (SOL) and has successfully coached more than 200 leaders.

Classes will begin Fall 2019 


Course Tuition $1,600 

Includes: 45 hours of classroom instruction, 360 Assessment, Report, and Feedback. Masterpieces in Leadership Workbook, Adaptive  Leadership Masterpieces Workbook, Competency Dictionary, Coffee, waters, light refreshments, and a certificate of completion with 4.5 CEU's and/or 45 PDU's transcripted.

41.25 CCE International coaching Federation pending