A physical therapy student practices the manipulation of another student's ankle.The mission of the Physical Therapy Program is to graduate skilled and knowledgeable practitioners who are independent in their assessment of clients and collaborative with the health care team. Our program is designed to provide high school and college graduates with a thorough and efficient path to a Doctoral degree in Physical Therapy. The program consists of a three-year pre-professional phase, followed by a three-year professional phase leading to a Doctor of Physical Therapy and a Bachelor of Science in Kinesiology. Individuals who have a bachelor's degree and have met all the course pre-requisites may apply directly to the three-year professional phase.

PT Faculty Commitment

Our faculty is comprised of expert clinicians and doctorally-prepared researchers who are committed to cultivating a positive learning environment, to providing quality learning experiences consistent with current and innovative professional practices, and to advancing the physical therapy profession through scholarly inquiry, clinical practice, and engaged leadership.

Balanced Approach to Learning

The DPT program balances academic study with clinical experience, placing a high degree of responsibility on students for assessing and making decisions about their own education. Academic faculty commit to integrating foundational science courses with clinical content and skills, clinical decision making skills, and functional outcomes. Clinical faculty assume primary responsibility for ensuring clinical competencies through hands-on learning experiences and the evaluation of the learner's performance. Learners assume responsibility for monitoring and communication their professional competencies according to their academic level, their acquisition of clinical learning experiences and skills, and their pursuit of individual goals.

Consider What the Husson PT Program Has to Offer

Your choice of a physical therapy program is extremely important in determining your growth as a person and developing your expertise as a Physical Therapist. At Husson, you will find:

  • Affordable tuition
  • Faculty expertise, experience and qualifications
  • 1:10 faculty to student ratio
  • Dedication to small class sizes
  • Individual attention from faculty members
  • State-of-the-art facilities & equipment including a dedicated gross anatomy lab
  • Kenduskeag Institute's Human Performance Lab, a premier scientific research facility
  • Opportunities for advanced electives
  • DPT plus a BS in Kinesiology in only 6 years 
  • Guaranteed progression into the DPT program by maintaining a Husson undergraduate 3.3 GPA (DPT graduating classes of 2018 and before), 3.5 GPA (DPT graduating classes of 2019 and beyond)
  • 84% DPT graduation rate for 2010-2014 graduating classes
  • 100% first-time licensing examination pass rate for the DPT class of 2013; 97% for the DPT Class of 2014.
  • 92% first-time licensing examination pass rate for the DPT program for 2010-2014 graduating classes
  • 99% ultimate licensing examination pass rate for the DPT program for 2010-2014 graduating classes
  • 100% employment of graduates as PTs within six months of passing the licensure examination, 2000-2014

PT Accreditation

The Doctor of Physical Therapy Program in the School of Physical Therapy at Husson University is accredited by the Commission on Accreditation in Physical Therapy Education (CAPTE), 1111 North Fairfax Street, Alexandria, VA  22314;  telephone:  703.706.3245;  email:  accreditation@apta.org;  website:  http://www.capteonline.org

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