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Undergraduate Certificates

Husson University has assisted generations of business professionals and leaders in gaining credentials and knowledge to build expertise and enhance their résumés. Certificate programs provide the skills and job training that offer a valuable advantage in today’s global businesses and organizations.

These challenging certificate programs teach skills that are directly transferable to the workplace or as credits toward a degree at Husson University. Hands-on classes emphasize learning by doing and offer high-level training in the most current industry practices.

Certificate programs may be used to augment your degree, build on prior learning to support your career growth, or help you make a career change. Even better, you can earn your certificate entirely online, while also attending to work or family responsibilities.


Acquire specific accounting skills as a stackable credential with the Certificate in Accounting. This certificate program covers both private and public accounting topics and prepare students for positions as accounts payable clerks, accounts receivable clerks, bookkeepers or tellers. 

To earn your Certificate in Accounting, you need to complete 15 credits.

Animal-Assisted Therapy

Animal assisted therapy, and the study of human–animal interactions, is an exciting and growing field of scientific inquiry focusing on our relationship with animals. Through this Animal-Assisted Therapy Certificate program, you will learn to integrate companion animals safely and ethically into a variety of treatment settings. You’ll study how human–animal bonds have both emotional and health benefits, how to safely and ethically apply animal interactions as a therapeutic tool, and learn techniques for working with therapy animals.

Over your course of study, you’ll write a manual that is tailored to your professional needs and species of choice. The final manual will consist of three parts that mirror the certificate’s outcomes and will create a professional reference manual tailored for your use. 

Animal Training

The ability to train, manage and understand the behavior of different animal species is essential for anyone who wants to work directly with animals, both wild and domesticated. Husson University's online Certificate in Animal Training develops your experience in and knowledge of animal training best practices while also providing you with a foundational knowledge of animal behavior, animal-human interactions and the impact of environments on animal training goals.

To earn this certificate, you must successfully complete 9 credit hours.

Business Administration

The ability to lead, supervise, communicate effectively, and understand how businesses are organized are valuable skills regardless of the industry you work in. Husson University’s online Certificate in Business Administration allows you to take both introductory and upper-level business courses on engaging topics including business practices, policies, ethics and laws, to name just a few. As a result, you'll be equipped with the skills to supervise staff, communicate with others professionally and effectively, and understand the structural details of successful businesses. Our certificate program is designed to give you tools that are universally important and applicable to all industries.

To earn your Certificate in Business Administration, you need to complete 15 credits.

Wildlife Care and rehabilitation

Are you interested in wildlife conservation and working with all sorts of exotic animals for a career? Our online Wildlife Care and Rehabilitation Certificate prepares you to care for and manage a wide variety of animals in enclosed environments. This certificate can earned alongside other degrees and certificates and is a good fit for anyone interested in working in a zoo, aquarium, wildlife preserve, animal rehabilitation facility, animal production facility, veterinary clinic, animal training center and more.

To earn your online Wildlife Care and Rehabilitation Certificate, you need to complete nine credits.

Diversity, Equity and Inclusion

Most professionals – and companies – value a diverse and welcoming working environment. As companies and organizations strive to create a more inclusive workplace for all employees, they are looking for professionals who can help develop, organize and implement this change. The Certificate in Diversity, Equity and Inclusion at Husson Online offers practical tools for professionals, or future professionals, to engage in DEI topics as global citizens. It will add a valuable credential to your skillsets.

This undergraduate certificate program will lead you to reexamine the ways society and institutions unwittingly support and reinforce ideologies that may not leave room for diversity, equity and inclusion.

Expressive arts therapy

Through our Expressive Arts Therapy Certificate program, you'll learn how the creative and expressive arts (music, dancing, visual arts, drama, creative writing, etc.) can be used to help patients of all ages achieve healing and personal growth. This 9-credit, 3-course, 100% online program is a great choice for psychology majors, practicing therapists and anyone interested in using their creative and artistic talents to help others.


Making the pitch. Answering customer questions. Closing the deal. Sales are one of the most dynamic and thrilling aspects of business and the one that drives commerce and keeps businesses running.

Husson University offers the only sales certification program in the state of Maine, and it's available fully online. Our Certificate in Sales program gives you the opportunity to engage with real-world concepts and best practices in professional selling, sales and marketing management. If you’ve already earned a degree in a business-related field, you can use our online Certificate in Sales program to enhance the skills you’ve already acquired and get an advantage as you start seeking employment and promotion opportunities.

To earn your Certificate in Sales, you need to complete 15 credits.


What is an undergraduate certificate?

Certificate programs provide the skills and job training that offer a valuable advantage in today’s global businesses and organizations. Certificate programs may be used to augment your degree, build on prior learning to support your career growth, or help you make a career change. Even better, you can earn your certificate entirely online, while balancing work or family commitments.

What is an undergraduate certificate vs degree?

Although earning a degree within your field of interest can help grow your career, it is not the only option. Where a degree program takes about two years to complete (on average), a certificate program can typically be completed in a much shorter time. Certificates can also be completed while simultaneously working toward a degree or holding a job.

What is the difference between a certificate vs certification?

While people often use "certificate" and "certification" interchangeably, there are notable differences between the two. A certificate is awarded to you by an educational institution for completing a course or set of courses in a particular subject area. Certifications are typically provided by professional organizations or industry bodies to individuals who have demonstrated expertise and/or met professional standards in a profession or field.

Why do colleges offer certificate programs?

Certificate programs are a great way for anyone to build upon their education, professional skills and resume. A certificate program can be beneficial for many different career fields. Earning a certificate can often be more affordable as well compared to a degree, due to the programs typically being shorter, and therefore less expensive.

Do college certificates expire?

No, college certificates do not expire. Any courses you have successfully completed are yours to keep and include in your resume.

Are undergraduate certificates worth it?

Undergraduate certificates can be a solution for those who may not have the flexibility or desire to enroll in a degree program but want to grow in their career field. Credits earned from a certificate program can even be transferrable to count towards a degree program. If you are looking to boost your skillset, performance and confidence to work towards a professional goal, a certificate program could be the right option for you.


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