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Master of Business Administration - Business Analytics

Total Credit Hours: 36-37 | Time to Completion: 24 months* | Tuition: $532 per credit hour**

In business, being able to make good decisions quickly while backed up by data is a must. As such, people skilled in business analytics—where you analyze relevant data and put it to use addressing problematic issues and providing beneficial solutions for your organization—are in high demand.

At Husson University, you can earn an online Master of Business Administration (MBA) with a concentration in Business Analytics and join this growing field. You'll have access to a fully online curriculum taught by expert professors who are committed to helping you to succeed and develop the skills to collect, organize, and analyze information in order to improve organizational performance.

In-depth courses in business analytics and experiential learning opportunities will allow you to learn by taking on the kind of work you'd encounter in a real, professional environment. You’ll study essential professional materials and processes including data exploration and visualization, advanced computer programming, and innovative methods of database design.

After graduating, you’ll have gained a deeper understanding of technical programming, market research, data visualization, business risks, and other essential topics. Designed to build on the knowledge you earn during your graduate degree studies, this concentration will prepare you for proficiency in a variety of software and data systems so you can make a positive impact on any business - whether it's your employer or a company you start.

Offered traditionally as a full master’s degree, Husson’s business analytics program is also offered as a master’s-level certificate data analytics. Designed to enhance the skills of business professionals, this certificate offers additional professional expertise by completing the program’s four courses. It's an ideal learning opportunity for MBA students and also for students with a Bachelor of Science degree looking for a graduate certificate program.

Check out the course map below or request more info today. If you need more information, reach out to us today or speak to an advisor.


*Based on a student taking 6-12 credit hours per semester **All rates subject to change

Course Map


BA 500 MBA Fundamentals*: 1
BA 601 Managerial Economics: 3
BA 602 Managerial Accounting: 3
BA 605 Management Communications: 3
BA 625 Global Strategic Management: 3
BA 643 Strategic Change Management: 3
IT 601 Business Analytics Essentials for the Professional: 3

*Required for students with undergraduate degrees in fields other than business

Choose one of the following:
BA 620 Financial Management: 3
BA 703 Financial Management in Healthcare Organizations: 3

Choose one of the following:
BA 621 Marketing Management: 3
BA 712 Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations: 3
BA 720 Advance Sales and Marketing in Hospitality: 3
BA 754 Strategic Selling: 3


IT 600 Computer Programming for the Professional: 3
IT 602 Data Exploration and Visualization in Business Applications: 3
IT 605 Data Mining for Business Analytics: 3
IT 610 Database Design for the Professional: 3