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Master of Business Administration

Total Credit Hours: 36 | Time to Completion: 24 months* | Tuition: $532 per credit hour**

The era of getting a job and working your way up the ladder without an MBA is over. Though real-world experience remains invaluable, getting ahead and remaining competitive in today's business world requires an array of skills and knowledge that are best acquired through the acquisition of a Master of Business Administration (MBA) degree. Finance, marketing, leadership, business theory: being proficient and conversant in these areas is a must.

Husson University's online MBA program will train you in all these areas, and more. Through online classes and carefully crafted coursework, you'll learn what it takes to succeed in business while you develop and strengthen your skills in analysis, decision-making, and leadership.

Though Husson's MBA program is designed for business majors, it's also open to students with degrees in other fields.***

Students can choose between completing a general MBA, or pursuing one of our many MBA concentrations including:

  • Athletic Administration
  • Business Analytics
  • Healthcare Management
  • Innovation and Entrepreneurship
  • Organizational Management
  • Risk Management

Because all of our courses are delivered in a flexible online format, you will be able to pursue your degree at your convenience while still finding time for work and personal responsibilities.

Ready to step up and become a leader in business? Take a look at our course map below, request more info, or speak to a department advisor today.


*Based on a student taking 6 credit hours per semester **All rates subject to change ***Students with undergraduate degrees in non-business fields will be required to take a 1-credit MBA Fundamentals course at the beginning of their program.

Course Map


BA 500 MBA Fundamentals*: 1
BA 600 Research Methods in Business and Education: 3
BA 601 Managerial Economics: 3
BA 602 Managerial Accounting: 3
BA 605 Management Communications: 3
BA 625 Global Strategic Management: 3
BA 643 Strategic Change Management: 3

*Required for students with undergraduate degrees in fields other than business.

Choose one of the following:
BA 620 Financial Management: 3
BA 703 Financial Management in Health Care Organizations: 3**

**Required for the Healthcare Management concentration; optional for all other concentrations.

Choose one of the following:
BA 621 Marketing Management: 3
BA 712 Strategic Marketing for Nonprofit Organizations: 3
BA 720 Advance Sales and Marketing in Hospitality: 3
BA 754 Strategic Selling


College of Business Graduate-level Electives (600+ level)