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Open Close Commencement 2021
student typing on laptop

Bachelor's of Science in Data Analytics

Total Credit Hours: 121-122 | Time to Completion: 12-24 months* | Tuition: $386 per credit hour**

You can't argue with data. As our society becomes more digitized, analytics and data are more essential than ever to understand our behavior, and using that data is a must for businesses and organizations looking to have the most impact.

As this field grows in significance, the demand for people with the knowledge and skill to accurately analyze data and put that analysis to use is growing. You can join this field with an online Bachelor of Science degree in Data Analytics from Husson University.

While pursuing your study in data analytics—online and on your schedule—you'll delve into every aspect of this burgeoning field. You'll learn about advanced mathematics; probability and statistics; technical programming; data mining; data visualization; communicating meaning for data-driven decision making and much more.

You'll be taught by professionals in the analytics industry who can teach you relevant information about how to put your skills into practice. With your online degree in data analytics, you'll be able to begin a career helping companies and organizations make good decisions based on real evidence.

Take a look at the course map below. You can also request more information or speak to an advisor to find out if this field is right for you.


*Based on a student transferring in between 60-90 credits **All rates subject to change

Course Map


EH 123 Rhetoric and Composition I: 3
EH 124 Rhetoric and Composition II: 3
HE 111 Husson Experience: 1
Philosophical Elective: 3
Historical Elective: 3
Math Elective I (if not using MS 181 to fulfill, the student must use open elective in the program to take MS 181): 3-4
Psychology or Sociology Elective: 3
MS 132 Probability and Statistics: 3
Lab Science Elective: 3-4
Literature Elective: 3
Perspectives Elective I: 3
Perspectives Elective II: 3
Fine Arts Elective: 3
Humanities Elective: 3


MS 212 Intermediate Applied Statistics: 3
DA 110 Data Exploration and Visualization: 3
DA 210 Introduction to Data Analytics: 3
IT 261 Programming I: 3
DA Core Electives (2): 3


DA 320 Data Mining: 3
IT 262 Programming II: 3
MS 241 Linear Algebra with Applications: 3
MS 333 Statistical Modeling: 3
DA 420 Data Analytics Seminar: 3
DA 489 Data Analytics Capstone: 3
DA 499 Data Analytics Internship: 3



*Depending upon transfer credits and courses taken, students may need to take an additional open elective.