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student typing on laptop

Bachelor of Science in Integrated Technology - Software Development

Total Credit Hours: 121-124 | Time to Completion: 12-24 months* | Tuition: $386 per credit hour**

Computers, phones, tablets and other pieces of technology have transformed society and how we live and interact. In this new world, programs and software that solve problems and help people lead easier, better lives are essential. The skills to create and improve that software are in high demand and can lead to some of today's most high-paying and fulfilling careers.

At Husson University, you can earn an online Bachelor of Science in Integrated Technology degree with a concentration in Software Development. You'll learn to create and code programs and software, and carve out your place in our digital world—and you can do it entirely on your computer. Seems fitting, right? Our integrated technology program is designed to provide you with the skills to develop, create, and modify enterprise software or specialized utility programs. You'll take part in a hands-on curriculum doing real software development work and learn to effectively analyze customer needs and develop software solutions.

Some of the skills you'll learn include how to identify issues and problems, analyze data, summarize and present findings, communicate with clients, and manage projects. You'll graduate from this program as a software developer with expertise in areas ranging from building direct hardware interfaces to enterprise application development.

If you're ready to start building your future in this ever-evolving field, then check out the course map below. You can also request more info about the program or speak to an academic advisor to find out if it's right for you.


*Based on a student transferring in between 60-90 credits **All rates subject to change

Course Map


BA 302 Business Ethics: 3
CM 100 Speech: 3
EH 105 – College Writing: 3
HE 111 Husson Experience: 1
MS 132 Probability and Statistics: 3

Fine Arts: 3
Foreign Culture and Conversation: 3
Historical Elective: 3
Lab Science Elective: 3-4
Literature Elective: 3
Math 1 Elective: 3
Perspectives Elective: 3
Philosophical Elective: 3
Psychological/Sociological Elective: 3
Sustainability Elective: 3

BA 101 Introduction to Business: 3
BA 245 Marketing Fundamentals: 3 or MC 220 Introduction to Marketing: 3
CM 200 Interpersonal Communications: 3 or CM 221 Professional Communication: 3
IT 261 Intro to Computer Programming: 3
IT 262 Intro to Computer Programming II: 3
IT 305 Workflow Management: 3
IT 321 System Analysis and Design: 3
IT 325 Algorithms & Data Structures I: 3
IT 326 Algorithms & Data Structures II: 3
IT 351 Information Systems Internship: 3
IT 410 Database Design: 3
IT 431 Theory and Practice in IT Security: 3
IT 471 Current Trends in IT: 3
IT 481 Project Management Tech.: 3
IT 482 Information Technology Project Development: 3


MS 131 Logic and Problem Solving: 3
MS 180 Precalculus with Trigonometry: 4
or MS 181 Calculus with Applications: 4
or MS 251 Discrete Mathematics: 3


AC/BA/MC Elective: 3
AC/BA/MC Electives (200+): 6
IT Elective: 3
IT Elective (300+): 6
Open Electives: 9 - 12