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Learn the skills you'll need to build a career engaging customers and driving sales.

Business Administration - Marketing Management

Bachelor of Science

Quick Facts

Total Credit Hours: 121-122
Time to Completion: Varies
Tuition: $398 per credit hour**

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Online Business Administration and Marketing Degree

Bachelor of Science

Professionals in marketing increase awareness and generate ideas by communicating with customers through effective promotions, advertising, and social media. This innovative field calls for business administration marketing professionals to help organizations adapt to changing markets and develop new products.

Prepare for a career in marketing management

  • Flexible online classes with 24/7 access
  • 7-week courses
  • Accredited by IACBE
  • Transfer up to 90 credits
  • Accelerated BS-to-MBA option

ba-marketing-management.jpegThrough our business and marketing degree program, you’ll gain a broad range of expertise in business functions such as accounting, management, public relations and marketing. Husson’s dedicated professors will let you explore how to best engage customers and manage marketing efforts such as strategizing and analyzing for a successful campaign. As a Business Administration - Marketing student, you’ll learn problem solving techniques, competition research, promoting and selling, industry practices, the ever-evolving world of social media platforms and other skills to help you be career-ready.


*Time to completion varies based on allowable transfer credits from any prior undergraduate coursework.**Rate effective May 1, 2022. All rates subject to change. Please see Cost and Aid for more information.

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Career Outlook

Job Growth. According to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics (BLS), an additional 19,000 marketing manager jobs will be needed by 2029.

Median Salary. In 2020, the national median marketing manager salary was $141,490, according to the BLS. 

Diverse Opportunities. When you earn your online marketing management degree from Husson, you'll be prepared for any number of careers including market research analyst, brand manager, marketing specialist and public relations specialist. Your educational accomplishments and passion will position you for success.   

What can you do with a business and marketing degree?

A business administration degree with a concentration in marketing positions you as an ideal candidate for a leadership position in a business. While working in the marketing department, you’ll focus on a company's or organization’s advertising and brand reputation. A degree in marketing management is broader. A degree in marketing management is access to everything from an entry-level position to being the head of your own company.

What is the difference between business management and business marketing?

Both roles are critical in the business world, but in different ways. Marketing is about using data to map out the most productive advertising campaigns. Marketing professionals can work freelance, serving many businesses at once, or work in the marketing department of a company. They may head departments or be a member of a marketing team.

A business management degree approaches business with a broader brush. It teaches you the art of managing business operations and infrastructure. You learn about structuring a business for success and creating business plans. Your education will also cover human resources and business law. Getting a degree in business management provides a well-rounded education in business instead of one focused on marketing.

How long does it take to earn a business and marketing degree?

How long it takes to earn a degree is dependent on many factors. It is easier to give you an idea of the number of credit hours you need to get your degree. On average, either of these degrees would require from 121 to 122 credits to graduate.

How long it takes you to get those credits is up to you. Some people go to school full-time and complete the program in just a few years. Others work and take courses at the same time, so that it may take a little longer. These programs are often available both in-person and online. Some are a hybrid of both. Learning online opens up more educational possibilities for some who want to take their time when earning their degree.

What subjects will I take in a marketing management degree program?

There are three categories of courses: general, core business, and those focusing on marketing management.

General courses would include basic classes for most college students, like psychology, college writing, and statistics. You’ll take electives across these areas, as well. You might take a fine arts elective, for instance, or one that focuses on a specific business sector, such as sustainable energy.

Core business courses include accounting, an intro to business and marketing, plus ethics, law, and human resources. The marketing course offered would cover sales, marketing research, international marketing, and competitive marketing.

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Courses You Will Take:

Husson’s online business marketing degree requires 121-122 credits to complete the degree. Your classes will focus on what organizations value most: communications, problem-solving and decision-making skills, the ability to plan and technical knowledge. Our curriculum features field-specific coursework in basic marketing principles, applied marketing research, sales, competitive intelligence, social media marketing and more. The marketing management degree also includes specialized coursework designed to provide you with relevant knowledge and skills for leading marketing efforts. Reach out today if you’d like more information or if you would like to speak to an enrollment counselor. 

2022 Start Dates

May 9, July 5

Fall, Term 1
September 5

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Core Skills (12-13 Credits)

EH 105 – College Writing
Math I Elective
Philosophical Elective
HE 111 – The Husson Experience

Natural & Social Science Core (12-13 credits)

MS 132 – Probability & Statistics
Lab Science Elective
Psychological/Sociological Elective
Historical Elective

Humanities Core (9 credits)

Literature Elective
Fine Arts Elective
Humanities Elective

Perspectives (9 credits)

AC 121 Principles of Accounting I:
AC 211 Managerial Accounting:
BA 101 Introduction to Business: 
BA 111 Economic Geography
BA 201 Business Law I:
BA 202 Business Law II:
BA 211 Microeconomics:
BA 212 Macroeconomics: 
BA 245 Marketing Fundamentals
BA 302 Business Ethics
BA 310 Organization and Management:
BA 311 Human Resource Management: 
BA 351 Internship
BA 362 Financial Management I:
BA 401 Managerial Economics:
BA 411 Organizational Behavior: 
BA 414 Business Strategy 
BA 415 Business Strategy in Practice
BA 490 International Business: 
CM 100 Speech
IT 111 Introduction to Microcomputing 
IT 214 Spreadsheets

BA 421 Integrated Marketing Communications & Advertising
BA 422 Sales and Sales Management:
BA 424 Marketing Research
BA 425 Marketing Management
BA 429 Competitive Intelligence
BA 437 International Marketing

Choose one of the following:
BA 475 E-Business/E-Commerce
MC 322 Social Media Marketing

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