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Graduate Certificates

Update your skills and knowledge with a graduate certificate from Husson. These challenging certificate programs emphasize learning by doing and offer high-level training in the most current industry practices. You’ll acquire credentials and skills that are directly transferable to the workplace or as credits toward your Master of Business Administration at Husson University.

Business Analytics

Businesses today have a wealth of data available to help drive decision-making. Understanding that data can mean the difference between failure and success. Employees with the skills to interpret and analyze are in high-demand. Having an understanding of data modeling and advanced analysis skills can make you stand out to potential employers and will make you an essential part of any organization. Our fully online Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics program delves deeper into the principles and applications of data analysis, so you can take the lead in your career and guide your employer or business with information gleaned from data. You’ll explore advanced principles of analysis and learn how to put those skills to work driving business decisions and outcomes.

To earn your Graduate Certificate in Business Analytics, you need to complete 12 credits. 

Executive Nursing Business Management (BSN Required)

Develop in-demand skills for managerial positions in a variety of healthcare settings with this Executive Nursing Business Management Certificate program. You’ll prepare for roles of increased responsibility through a curriculum that includes topics such as financial management, public health policies, change management and more. You’ll earn a badge for each nursing course you complete, visible proof of your education. All of your courses will be led by expert faculty and delivered 100% online. 

Upon successful completion, you’ll be ready to lead and create organizational change to formulate changes needed to improve the delivery of healthcare. Easily transition from a completed certificate to an MSN or MBA degree.

Healthcare Management

The intersection between healthcare and business is a growing space where knowledgeable professionals can pursue fulfilling careers and make a real difference. Prepare to lead the business side of healthcare through this certificate program, the only one of its kind in Maine. This program will prepare you to become a leader in the business of healthcare while still giving you time to tend to your other responsibilities like work and family. In the healthcare management curriculum, you'll learn about essential topics such as quality management and global perspectives, and develop skills in how to plan, direct and coordinate medical and health services in healthcare organizations of all types. You will be taught by engaged instructors who are committed to your success and growth.

To earn your Graduate Certificate in Healthcare Management, you need to complete 12 credits.

Human Resource Management

Human resource management is a highly valued and in-demand field, ideal if you're seeking an intersection of personnel relations and business in your career. As a professional in the human resources field, you play a key role in ensuring that your organization hires the people who will serve it best. Our fully online Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management is designed to help you prepare for leadership roles in the field of human resources. The comprehensive curriculum allows for customization so you can choose the courses that align with your ultimate career objectives. You will learn to connect a company’s goals with the talents of its employees to improve business outcomes and help your company succeed.

To earn your Graduate Certificate in Human Resource Management, you need to complete 15 credits.


Become the leader you want to be and add a valuable credential to your skill sets through this Leadership Certificate program. You’ll hone your leadership abilities as you study foundational topics such as principles of leadership, as well as organization and management. You’ll tailor your certificate by selecting two additional courses that complement your specific career interests. All of your courses will be led by expert faculty and delivered 100% online.

As you make your way through this certificate program, you’ll discover your leadership potential as you learn to improve and enhance your skills in communication, management, understanding human behavior and organizational change.

Nursing Global Health (BSN Required)

In Husson Online’s Nursing Global Health Certificate program, you’ll develop an understanding of public health issues and learn how to use your skills and knowledge to improve the health of communities. You’ll study the burden of disease and inequities in healthcare, so that you’ll be able to influence change in healthcare systems and plan public health programs for populations where they’ll make the biggest difference. You’ll also build a knowledge base in areas such as epidemiology, healthcare informatics and organizational strategy and analysis – required to become a healthcare leader and change agent.

Upon completion of this certificate program, you’ll be prepared to take on leadership roles within governmental agencies, non-governmental organizations and healthcare organizations. Easily transition from a completed certificate to an MSN or MPH degree.  

Risk Management

Helping your employer to manage risk and make strategic choices can be a lucrative and valued career. With the skills to properly assess various forms of risk, you'll be in demand amongst employers.

Our fully online Graduate Certificate in Risk Management program is designed to prepare students to identify, analyze and evaluate potential risks in organizations of all types. You’ll learn to minimize and avoid potential threats in any course of action, improving business outcomes, seizing opportunities, and helping lead your company to success. You’ll be taught by a faculty comprised of experienced industry professionals presenting coursework that replicates what you'll encounter in your risk management career.

To earn your Graduate Certificate in Risk Management, you need to complete 12 credits.

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