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Best Podcasts for Animal Lovers (and Professionals)

Published on: June 6, 2023

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Are you a passionate animal lover? If so, you are probably interested in learning more about them and their proper care. Podcasts are an excellent way to do so!

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Benefits of Podcasts 

Whether you work with animals or simply adore them, there are many reasons to listen to an animal-focused podcast. Here are just a handful. 

You Can Listen on the Go 

Thanks to the incredible technology that drives your smartphone, you can access millions of podcasts wherever you roam. 

In-Depth Discussions With Experts 

Unlike much of traditional television and radio programming, the podcast format not only allows but encourages exploratory discussion on animal-related topics. 

Variety of Perspectives 

Thanks to the sheer number of podcast offerings dedicated to animal-related topics, the podcast medium offers a broad range of information sources and a wide variety of perspectives in this area. 

Industry Updates and Trends 

If nothing else, animal podcasts are a great way to stay informed about the latest developments in the animal world that matter most to you. 

14 Animal Podcasts You Should Follow 

While you can let your unique interests and expectations guide your podcast listening, here are 14 leading animal podcasts to try: 

1. Animal Training Academy 

Going beyond the average dog training podcast, the Animal Training Academy provides information on positive, humane training techniques that apply to several species in a wide variety of situations. Recent episodes have covered popular topics such as pet separation anxiety and the use of prong and shock collars. 

2. Loving Animals 

A podcast from the leading Pet Life Radio Network, Loving Animals was formerly known as Be Humane. Hosted by Dr. Robin Ganzert, President and CEO of American Humane, this program offers a platform to guests who “share a passion for spreading care, hope and compassion for the world's unique species.” In addition to hosting experts in areas that relate to pet health and behavior, Ganzert regularly chats with animal-loving celebrities such as Denise Richards and Naomi Judd. 

3. Animal Radio 

Animal Radio is the most listened-to source of animal-focused programming in the United States, airing on XM Satellite Radio and more than 100 broadcast radio stations nationwide. Thanks to the Animal Radio podcast, you can listen to Pet Life Radio Network content on virtually any computer or mobile device. Recent episodes include “Can Dogs Recognize Faces From Pictures?” and “What Pet Owners Need to Know About This Year’s Tick Season.” 

4. Knowing Animals 

Typically releasing one to three episodes per month, this podcast dives deep into the complex relationships between animals and the worlds of ethics, politics, advocacy and the law. Various animal experts and academics join host Dr. Josh Milburn – a moral and political philosopher whose scholarly focuses include human/animal relationships and applied ethics. When he isn’t hosting Knowing Animals, Milburn lectures as a political philosophy professor in the School of Social Sciences and Humanities at Loughborough University. 

5. All Creatures Podcast 

The All Creatures Podcast is dedicated to informing human beings about the diversity of animals sharing the planet with them and the sixth mass extinction eliminating these animals at an alarming rate. Scientists have found evidence of five mass extinction events throughout the Earth’s history – the most recent wiping out the dinosaurs roughly 65.5 million years ago. According to many, we are now in the middle of a sixth mass extinction. Released on a weekly basis, All Creatures discusses recent conversation news, features global conservation experts and explores different extinct or endangered animal species. 

6. Species 

This podcast concentrates on various animal species and what humans can learn from them. Praised by the New York Times for his ability to “condense vast chunks of information into engaging and digestible episodes,” host Macken Murphy is a University of Melbourne scientific researcher and a former amateur boxing champion. 

7. The Brandon McMillan Podcast 

The Brandon McMillan Podcast is also driven by the unique abilities and charismatic approach of its host, professional animal trainer Brandon McMillan, who has helped a long list of Hollywood stars with their pets. Guests of The Brandon McMillan Podcast have ranged from animal communicator Stacy Krafczyk to pop singer Debbie Gibson. 

8. The Vets Unleashed 

The frank and relaxed vibe of The Vets Unleashed podcast captures what it would be like “if you met two vets at a cocktail party.” Hosts and old veterinary college friends Dr. Mike and Dr. Scott discuss the wildest topics related to animals and the people who care for them. Recent episodes include “The Keys to Happiness as a Veterinarian” and “Choosing the Purrrrfect Cat.” 

9. Canine Conversations 

While most of the podcasts on this list cover a broad spectrum of pets and animals, Canine Conversations focuses exclusively on dogs. From health, behavior and care to training, sports and working, this podcast covers just about every aspect of the canine experience. Master dog trainer, advocate and behavior specialist Robert Cabral hosts a new episode each week. 

10. Animal Wellness Podcast 

While the Knowing Animals podcast covers some legal and legislative matters during its deep examinations of animal-related ethical issues, the Animal Wellness Podcast is dedicated exclusively to delivering important information about and advocating for pro-animal laws and lawmakers. It is produced by Animal Wellness Action, a nonprofit supporting public policy that prevents animal cruelty. 

11. PetInsider 

Despite its name, the talent management company The Dog Agency represents a variety of species in its client roster. Likewise, the firm’s founder and CEO, Loni Edwards, covers a broad range of pet-related topics on the PetInsider podcast. She talks with guests who range from animal rights experts to celebrity pet owners. 

12. Dog Talk With Dr. Jen 

Like the Canine Conversations podcast, Dog Talk concentrates exclusively on “man’s best friend.” Dr. Jennifer Summerfield, a professional dog trainer and veterinarian, focuses on behavior and training as she addresses issues such as barking, jumping, pulling, chewing, running away and having “accidents” inside the house.

13. KSCO Pet Radio 

KSCO Pet Radio is committed to improving the lives of domestic and wild animals with a firm belief in the idea that “animals have feelings, preferences and emotions that humans should respect.” Streaming live each Sunday before being archived as podcast episodes, the KSCO Pet Radio podcast strives to promote human-animal bonds and end animal abuse and neglect. 

14. Pure Animal Podcast 

While it offers much that the average animal lover might enjoy, Pure Animal is also great for working veterinarians interested in natural, holistic and integrative practice approaches. Released monthly, it features a different veterinary professional on every episode. 

How to Get Started With Podcasts 

If you’ve never listened to a podcast, you can start by going to Spotify, Apple Podcasts or another podcast platform of your choice. You can also search online for specific podcasts by name and then follow links to the platforms that offer them. While some podcasts require subscriptions or fees, the vast majority are available free of charge. Simply click on your podcast of choice, listen and enjoy!

Beyond the Podcast 

If you want to go beyond podcast listening to get a specialized education in an animal-related subject area, take a look at the convenient distance-learning options at Husson University Online. There are many ways you can find success and fulfillment working with animals, and Husson’s Bachelor of Science in Animal-Assisted Therapy and Bachelor of Science in Animal Care and Behavior programs are two great options to explore!

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