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Students work on stage at the Gracie Theatre

NESCom Alive!

The New England School of Communications at Husson University invites you and your students to be a part of a unique experience at the Gracie Theatre on Tuesday, May 15, 2018.

Join us for this free day-long event where high school students participate in experiential workshops and the production of The Nite Show with Danny Cashman. From the technical crew to the creative team, your students will get hands-on exposure in producing a television show. Students take part in workshops leading up to the main event. If all of that isn’t exciting enough, this pre-recorded broadcast will go statewide! Space is limited –reserve spots for your students today!


8:00 AM – 8:45 AM Registration Atrium
8:45 AM – 9:05 AM Orientation Gracie Theatre
9:15 AM – 11:15 AM Breakout Session #1 Various
11:15 AM – 12:15 PM Lunch DDC *CTE Instructor Breakout Session 11:45 - 12:15
12:15 PM – 2:15 PM Breakout Session #2 Various
2:15 PM - 2:45 DJ Mark in the Atrium (*Cont'd CTE Instructor Breakout Session 2:15 - 2:45
2:45 PM – 3:45 PM THE NITE SHOW Performance in the Gracie - Gracie Theatre
3:45 PM – 4:00 PM Prizes / Final Wrap Up – Dismissals Gracie Theatre

(Subject to change)

Husson Alive



Marketing Communications

Title: “Graphic Design – Social Media Ad Design”

Description: Do you enjoy design? Would you like to learn how the pros visually communicate to an audience? Graphic design is the art of creatively combining text and imagery to produce a compelling message. In this session, you will create a social media graphic to promote The Nite Show with Danny Cashman. Participants will use current graphic design industry software to manipulate imagery and text into a design ready to market The Nite Show taping they will be part of later in the day.

Theresa Ayotte
Room: Lab 105
(AM & PM - 2 SEPARATE Sessions)
Max: 10ea/ Min: 5


Journalism/Marketing Communications

Title: “News! - Behind and in Front of the Mic”

Description: Learn what it’s like covering the news as well as being the news.

You’ve seen a news conference. Now be a part of one as either the reporter covering a story or public relations specialist developing the story that needs to be told and answering questions about your company or client.

Jeffrey Hope/Nancy Roberts
Room: DLC-109
(AM & PM - 2 SEPARATE Sessions)
Max: 15 ea / Min: 10


Audio Engineering

Title: #1 “What is Audio Post Production?”  

Description: Been to a movie lately? Was it silent? Of course not! In this session, students will be introduced to what Audio Post Production is and will create the audio for a short video by recording and mixing sound effects and dialogue to accompany a short video production. We’ll use NESCom’s ADR/Foley booth and Pro Tools rig to create a spectacular soundscape!

Walter Clissen (will assign Specific Upper Level Students to Conduct Breakout Session)

Room: Gracie Post Suite
(AM & PM - 2 SEPARATE Sessions)
Max: 11/ Min: 5


Title: #2 “Working with a Rock Band in a Recording Studio”  

Description: From setting up microphones to using different recording Techniques, this session will introduce students to what happens when a band comes into a professional recording studio. In this workshop, students will create a sophisticated multi-track recording session of live music in the NESCom recording studio, using the full capabilities of a professional microphone closet and control room.

Josh Small
Room: Control D
(AM & PM - 2 SEPARATE Sessions)
Max: 12 / Min: 5


Title: #3 “The Band’s Recorded – Now What?”                                    

Description: What happens after the recording session is over? Capturing and recording the band is just the first part of the audio production process. In this session, students will work with an audio engineer in one of NESCom’s control rooms, to mix a multitrack recording using a library of effects (both hardware and software). The end result? An awesome “mixed” piece of music and a great experience!

Wells Gordon
Room: Control E
(AM & PM - 2 SEPARATE Sessions)
Max 10 / Min: 5


Title: #4 “Electronic Music & Sound Synthesis”

Description: You don’t need a trumpet, guitar or drums or voices to make music, all you need is a Synthesizer. Join Scott Loiselle in a journey to the world beyond instrumentation and explore the exciting, old-school world of sound synthesis and electronic music production.

Scott Loiselle
Room: WCC 202
(AM & PM - 2 SEPARATE Sessions)
Max:12 / Min: 5


Live Sound Technology                                                          

Title: #5 “Audio For Rock Concerts and Live TV”

Description:  Do you like going to concerts?  Do you love the sound of giant drums though big speakers?  Have you ever thought it might be fun to mix a band on a huge sound console?  If you answered yes to any of these questions, then join us and learn about the exciting world of live audio.  In this session, you will help build a sound system for a live TV and concert event.  You will also get to experiment with high tech mixing consoles, experience massive loudspeaker arrays, and much more.  If you love music, concerts, and cool equipment, then this session is for you.

Eric Ferguson/Edward Goguen
Room: Gracie Stage
(AM & PM - 2 SEPARATE Sessions)
AM Session:    Max: 12 / Min: 5
PM Session:    Max: 6 / Min: None



Title: “An inside look at Photography”

Description: How important are manual controls? Why does a cell phone lens distort the way you look? What is the best way to create a portrait? All these questions and more will be answered in the photography workshop, in addition you’ll learn about composition and lens perspective.  

Larry Ayotte
Room: WCC 223
(AM & PM - 2 SEPARATE Sessions)
Max: 12
Min: 5


Entertainment Production

Title: “Virtual and Augmented Reality for Live Events”

Description: Virtual and Augmented Reality applications for live events are beginning to become possible. We will explore some examples of current technology and how this is now and soon will be applied to live events. There will be a hands on learning sequence that will demonstrate some basic concepts of Virtual and Augmented Reality.

Brave Williams
Room: Gracie Black Box Theatre
(AM & PM - 2 Separate Sessions)
Max: 9
Min: 3


Title: “Production Management for Live TV”                         

Description: What happens “Behind the Scenes” during a TV Talk Show?  Find out first hand as we produce a live talk show: “The NITE SHOW with DANNY CASHMAN” on the stage of the Gracie Theatre.  Stage Technicians and Production managers are an essential component of live entertainment venues such as theme parks, cruise ships and TV talk shows.  Be a part of the action from scenic changes to “talent-wrangling”.

Ken Stack
Room:  Gracie Black Box Theatre & Gracie Stage
(PM Session Only)
Max: 8 


Video Production

Title: “Lighting Techniques”                                            

Description: Light is one of the most powerful tools we have in the world of film and video, It can change how we interpret and how feel about everything we see on the screen.  This session will take a look at the power of light and a few of the techniques used by lighting professionals that help tell the story.  

Steve Vachon
Room: TV Studio
(AM & PM - 2 SEPARATE Sessions)
Max: 12 / Min: 10


Title: “3D Animation”                                                                    

Description: Are you interested in art and animation? Want to learn how to create your own virtual world? In this workshop you’ll learn the basic skills needed to model objects, place them in 3D space and control their movements. You’ll accurately simulate textures, real world depth, and physics. Unleash your creativity to generate animations you didn’t know you could using Adobe Photoshop, After Effects and MAXON Cinema 4D. 

Kris Bridges
Room: 102
(AM & PM - 2 SEPARATE Sessions)
Max: 22ea AM. 18 IN P.M. / Min: 5

Title: The Camera in Motion

Description: Moving the camera through a shot can create completely different emotional response than leaving it on a tripod. This session will quickly cover the different types of moves you can make and how they can help make your production more effective (and professional looking). We will look at hand held gambles like the Ronin, dollies, jib arms and other platforms to use with your different cameras. 

Frank Welch
Room: GRACIE ATRIUM - subject to change
(PM Sessions Only)
Max: 10ea / Min: 5


Title: “Live Television Remote Production”                           

Description: Be part of a team and work together to create a finished product in a live television environment. Learn about the roles, software and equipment in a 6 camera shoot with a Grass Valley Karera Switcher, which is being used around the world to make the TV shows that everyone watches. You will a part of the video team that makes The Nite Show with Danny Cashman happen.

John Easton/Rodney Verrill
Room: Remote unit/Gracie
(PM Session ONLY)
Max: 12 /Min: 10


Integrated Technology

Title: IT Exploration Workshops

Description: Come and explore various tools and toys that drive technology in today’s world. Through hands-on activities, you will rotate through three activities in which you will explore the technologies of the web, build a mobile application, and work with integrated network devices. You’ll learn how to setup and customize your own website. You’ll learn the basics of building your own mobile application. And you’ll even explore a number of different kinds of internet connected devices like Amazon Echo, coffee makers, outlets and LED light strips. Attendees will rotate through each exploration workshop and get first-hand experience with each of the different technologies.

Integrated Technology Faculty
Room: Peabody 218, 220, 222
(AM & PM - 2 separate sessions)
Max – 18 / Min - 5


Radio Broadcasting                              

Title: Radio: “The Human Connection, or what Spotify and Pandora can’t do”

Description: After a while, listening only to music that some software program thinks you’ll like is boring. That is why radio continues to be the favorite source of entertainment and information. What is radio’s magic that keeps the audience coming back for more? It’s the creation of a connection with listener. This session will explore how this connection is made by participants actually going on the air with Husson’s WHSN 89.3FM to work as a DJ.

Mark Nason
Room: WHSN
(AM Session ONLY)
Max: 12 / Min: 4