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Paul Kinlaw, PhD

Associate Professor College of Science and Humanities
Paul Kinlaw, PhD
Contact: Husson University
1 College Circle Bangor, Maine 04401
Phone: 207.992.1965
Room: 228 Beardsley Meeting House


Paul Kinlaw earned his Sc.B in mathematics at Brown University. He then earned his M.A. and Ph.D. in mathematics at Dartmouth College, where he studied geometry/topology and did research in Lorentzian geometry under Vladimir Chernov. His thesis, “Refocusing of Null-Geodesics in Lorentz Manifolds” considers the relationships between several definitions of refocusing of null-geodesics, which represent light rays, in a Lorentz manifold, a mathematical model for space-time, which is used in General Relativity. His publications include a joint paper with Chernov and Sadykov called “Topological Properties of Manifolds admitting a Y^x_l Riemannian metric”. Additionally, his paper “Refocusing of Light-Rays in Space-Time”, was recently accepted for publication by the Journal of Mathematical Physics.