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Phase I begins August 24th with our international student orientation program which is designed for new international students and provides the opportunity to acclimate to both the U.S. and to Husson University before the start of the semester. All international students attend EAGLEWeek. Phase II begins on August 27th when students who are undecided about a major but who are interested in careers in the health and sciences professions are invited to join their international peers for a three-day program filled with workshops, team-building activities, introduction to various careers, and recreational and cultural activities.

For more information on EAGLEWeek, follow this link.


December 31st 7:00 pm - December 31st 7:00 pm


Husson University
1 College Circle, Maine 04401
Bangor, ME

Event Contact:

For more information about EAGLEWeek, please contact:

Name: Sarah Pringle-Lewis
Phone: 207.941.7890

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