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Giving Day is a 24-hour fundraising campaign that encourages Eagles -- alumni, students, parents, friends and employees -- to give through Husson and support every area of campus. Donors are able to support the schools, colleges, programs and clubs that matter the most to them.


Give through Husson to honor your favorite faculty/staff, one of the athletic teams, your college/school, or even one of the student clubs. Browse the areas that are participating on

Supporting the area that means the most to you on Giving Day is easy!

  • Write a check out to Husson University with "Giving Day" and the area of support in the memo line, to Office of Advancement, One College Circle, Bangor, Maine 04401; 
  • Find the area you want to support on and click "Give Now;" or, 
  • Text 23GivingDay to 41444 to support your favorite area of Husson

Generous alumni and friends offer unrestricted gifts, meaning to be used anywhere on campus, to help encourage others to join them in giving. Providing a matching gift means that for the specified timeframe, for every dollar that a donor gives, the alumni donor will also be giving a dollar.

For example, when a challenge is written that "we will match the first $1,000," the next $1,000 that comes in from gifts, until expended, will be matched. Therefore, if the donor makes a $20 gift to any area, the school/club/team will receive $40.

Gifts received beginning at 12:00 am EST until 11:59 pm EST on Wednesday, April 5th, 2023 will count toward one of the main challenges for the day. Every year, your favorite area has the opportunity to unlock additional funds.

Every gift you make counts as a "vote" for that area. At the end of the day, the area that has achieved the challenge area will be awarded the extra funds.

Yes, thank you for considering a matching gift!

Contact either Lisa Frazell, (207) 992-1939 / or Victoria Pereira, (207) 992-1945 / to discuss your options.

While most matching gifts are unrestricted, if there is an area of campus you are passionate about in motivating others to give, we would be happy to talk that through.

The areas of campus that are the most successful during Giving Day are the ones talked about!

  • Make your gift and share it on your social platforms.
  • Text your friends and family with the link to your favorite area.
  • Share your why! Small gifts make a big impact. Share your reason for giving and encourage others to join you.