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Students walking on campus of Husson University

Master of Science in Criminal Justice Administration

Repeating A Course

A student who receives a grade of a "C-" or lower in a course must repeat the course in order to graduate from the graduate program. Students may repeat a course only one time. Students may also choose to repeat a course one time to improve their cumulative GPA. The newly earned grade will replace the original grade in the calculation of a student's cumulative grade-point average; however, the former grade is retained as originally recorded in the student's transcript. Students cannot repeat a course that has been removed from the curriculum unless another course has been designated as an approved alternative for the deleted course.

When a student receives a failing grade (X, F or WF) in a 799 course with unique content and seeks to repeat the course, the Dean of the School in which the course was offered may authorize a comparable course to be taken as a substitute. The grade in the designated substitute course will replace the failing grade in calculating the cumulative grade-point average.

A student repeating a course will be charged full tuition for the course.

Waiver of Course

Students may apply for waiver of a graduate level course if they have undergraduate courses that correspond to the following requirements:

  • For BA 605 Management Communications – students must have completed three (3) credits in an advanced professional or technical writing course in college. At Husson, this course would be CM 323 Advanced Technical Writing. At other institutions, this course would be an Advanced Technical Writing course or something similar.
  • For BA 600 Research Methods – students must have completed Probability and Statistics plus an applied statistics course such as marketing research or bio-statistics for a total of six (6) undergraduate credits in statistics courses.
  • For BA 601 Managerial Economics – students must have nine (9) undergraduate credits in economics.
  • For BA 602 Managerial Accounting – students must have completed nine (9) undergraduate credits of accounting.

Students must present a transcript and syllabus for each class that they are providing as part of their request for a waiver. This information must be submitted to the Dean of the College of Business for review and approval.

If the waiver of a course is approved, then the student must take another graduate level course in place of the course for which they obtained the waiver.