All education majors are required to apply for teacher candidacy. The Candidacy Application needs to be initiated at the beginning of the second semester of your sophomore year. Achieving teacher candidacy is a prerequisite to enrolling in core education courses and student teaching. The Candidacy Review Committee is comprised of the teacher preparation faculty members who will grant full candidacy, probation status, or rejection to the teacher education program.

Teacher Candidacy Application is a portfolio submitted to the Candidacy Review Committee in the semester prior to the Junior year. Your advisor should review your completed portfolio prior to submission to the Candidacy Review Committee.

 The portfolio must include the following before the Candidacy Review Committee can issue its final decision:

  • A transcript showing a Grade Point Average (GPA) of 2.5 or higher;
  • A C+ or better in all Education courses;
  • A Dispositions Assessment;
  • A student essay expressing your reasons for selecting teaching as your chosen profession; and,
  • Successful completion of the Praxis I Exams in Reading, Math, and Writing.