Peer Consultants

A portrait of Shanna AllenShanna Allen (Advanced Pyschology, Criminal Justice)
Although I was born in Boston and raised in Bar Harbor, I began my educational career in Syracuse, New York. A semester later, I found myself back here in Bangor! I am currently in my fifth and final year of Husson’s dual Criminal Justice and Psychology degree program. Over the past four years, I have dedicated most of my time to working for the university in a multitude of areas, ranging the Residence Halls to the Dean of Students’ Office, as well as the Office of Student Affairs. I was President of the Criminal Justice Club for three semesters beginning in 2009 and swam for the Women’s Swim Team in 2010. I have also been an active participant in the various musical productions of the Gracie Theatre. I greatly appreciate any opportunity to be involved with the student body and university campus. This year, I will be available for tutoring in Criminal Justice and upper level Psychology courses.  I am always happy to help out a fellow student, so I hope to see YOU this year!

A portrait of Tracy BanteguiTracy Bantegui (Biology, Chemistry)
I'm currently 3rd year and am an aspiring researcher. I have involved myself in research projects here on campus as well as completed a research fellowship at MDI Biological Lab, where I studied heart muscle and appendage regeneration and its correlation with microRNAs.  I have a love for both biology and chemistry and am attaining a dual major in both fields.  In that respect, I can tutor a wide range of classes in both subjects including: general chemistry, organic chemistry, general biology, genomic biology, and cell biology.  I try to make sure that students are able to learn the material in the best way they know how.  My mode of teaching stresses understanding mechanisms in contrast to memorizing mechanisms.  I also serve as the Supplemental Instructor (SI) for Chemistry I and II.  I have other interests which span a wide spectrum and include photography, hiking, kayaking, video games, live concerts, and traveling.  I'm also a fan of environmental conservation and awareness, and head the Student Environmental Group here on campus.

A portrait of Chace BelangerChace Belanger (Chemistry)
I’m very excited about my first semester tutoring in the Learning Center. I am a second year nursing student here at Husson University. I am an active member of OSN(Organization of Student Nurses). This semester I am being used as General Chemistry tutor. I am a very hard working student, and very easy to be around. I like to help people and when it comes to chemistry I know my stuff. I’m originally from Fairfield, ME, about 50 minutes south of here. I am a very busy student, but also very flexible.

A portrait of John CarllJohn Carll (Anatomy and Physiology)
My name is John Carll and I tutor Anatomy and Physiology I and II. I am a Secondary Education major with a focus in Life Sciences. I have always had a knack for understanding science, and even more of a knack for helping others understand it. This passion for teaching carries past my major and time in the learning center, though. I am also the Supplemental Instructor for Anatomy and Physiology I and II.  When I teach I really try to focus on making new connections for students so the information I'm teaching will stick. I also like to teach a big concept first, then get into the details of how it works. I feel that this helps ground the learner before lots of details are given to them. Also, being an education major, I am constantly taught new techniques and approaches for different kinds of learners.  In my free time I enjoy driving my car, playing videogames, working on computers, and going to movies.

A portrait of Mike HamlinMike Hamlin (Advanced Pyschology, Criminal Justice)
I am from Bar Harbor, Maine. This is my 5th and final year here at Husson. During my education here I have helped reform a campus club, Habitat for Humanity, where I sat as Vice President for two years. In those years we took a week long trip during our spring break, one trip to North Carolina and the second to Missouri to help build a house for a family in need. I also worked with student activities my freshman year. I am studying Criminal Justice and Psychology and have been tutoring both subjects for the past four years. If you need any help in either if these fields feel free to stop in and see me! 

A portrait of Amanda PendletonAmanda Pendleton (General Psychology)
My name is Amanda Pendleton. I am a tutor for General Psychology. I am a second year Occupational Therapy student. I entered into Husson as a non-traditional student. Before I started here, I worked as a CNA for three years and a Rehabilitation Technician for one year. I came in as an undeclared student, but wanted to major in Physical Therapy. I found out quickly that PT was not for me, and that OT was. I am also a Peer Mentor here at Husson which entails assisting with teaching the Husson Experience course (HE111) and helping new firstyear students succeed in their first semester at college. Some fun information about myself is that I love to travel, so far I have been all over the United States, but I hope to someday travel all over the world. I enjoy meeting new people.

A portrait of Sarah PhilbrickSarah Philbrick (Spanish, ESL, Writing Center Tutor)
I have a passion for learning about other cultures and learning new languages. I found my niche in my second semester at Husson when I was hired to tutor ESL (English as a Second Language). Since then, Spanish 1, Geography, and finally Writing have all been added to my repertoire.

As my senior year is quickly approaching, I will be graduating soon, and moving on to graduate school to study Linguistics. I hope to continue teaching ESL and finding more opportunities to travel and experience new things.

A portrait of Jason PradaJason Prada (Chemistry, Anatomy and Physiology, Alegbra)
Hi, my name is Jason and I am a 4th year PT student.  Currently I tutor Algebra, Chemistry, and A&P.  I like science, reading, computers, snowboarding, kayaking, and other outdoor activities.  Unfortunately with my current studies, I don’t get to do as much of those activities as I would like.  I do like “talking shop” about Chemistry and A&P.  Stop by the LC and make an appointment with me so we can “talk shop” together.

A portrait of Caitlin RamseyCaitlin Ramsey (Fundamental Math, Alegbra, Physical Therapy)
Hi, my name’s Caitlin and I work in the learning center tutoring fundamental math, algebra, and occasionally physical therapy.  I am in my final year of Husson’s PT program and will be graduating in May of 2012 with my Doctorate in physical therapy, so I’m happy to answer any questions of students in the professional phase of the PT program.  I’m originally from northern New Hampshire, but after getting married this past summer my husband and I officially became Maine residents.  In my free time, which is a rare and treasured commodity as anyone in the PT program will tell you, I love outdoor activities like hiking, biking, tennis, and of course skiing & snowboarding when the snow starts to fly!

Faculty Consultants

A portrait of Mike KnuppMike Knupp (Mathematics, MS Office Suite – Excel, Access, Word, Powerpoint)
My academic background is in Secondary Education, Mathematics, and Computer Information Systems.  I spent many years working in Corporate America for a global Information Technology company.  I’m excited to be back teaching again.  I’ve taught a variety of mathematics and computer science courses and supplement classroom time with working in the Learning Center.  When not on campus, you‘ll likely find me coaching youth athletics or enjoying the vast natural wonders of the state of Maine

A portrait of Jon MoyerJon Moyer (Mathematics, Physics)
Jonathan Moyer received a BS in Physics and an MS in Teaching from the University of Maine. He has experience teaching in a variety of courses in the fields of mathematics and physics, ranging from calculus, algebra, statistics and various introductory physics courses. Currently, Jonathan teaches introductory statistics and algebra courses for Husson University and is a supplemental mathematics and physics instructor at Husson's Learning Center.

A portrait of Dan MeadeDan Meade (Mathematics)
My degree is in Physics, but I have spent many years teaching all levels of mathematics.  Additionally, I spent 16 years as an engineer working on the development and production of fiber optics cables.  If you need help with physics, statistics, or any math, come and see me!