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Financial Aid at Husson University

Master Promissory Note

If you are a current student and receiving a notice that you are missing the Entrance Interview that means you may not have completed it previously. Please complete it and we will get the information via electronic notification.

Every student at Husson University must complete a master promissory note (MPN) and entrance interview regardless if they have borrowed loans before at another school. Please follow the instructions below to complete this process.

1. Please go to, and sign in.

2. Under "Choose Loan Counseling Type" select "Entrance Counseling"

3. Select Husson University as the school you are completing counseling for.

4. Click "I am completing entrance counseling in order to receive loans as an undergraduate student."

5. Once you complete the Entrance Counseling PRINT the confirmation page.

6. Click "You can Submit a Master Promissory Note"(MPN).

7. Click on Subsidized/Unsubsidized.

8. Fill in all Personal Information and School Information as requested.

9. PAY CLOSE ATTENTION TO THE DIRECTIONS IN THE GRAY BOX AT THE TOP OF THE PAGE when completing the references section of your MPN. Failure to provide valid references will result in a rejection of your MPN, and a delay in your loan funds.

10. You must read each section of the terms and conditions to continue.

11. You must open and review the HTML version of the document. When you return back to the original screen, enter your name at the bottom of the screen. Click Sign. Then Click Continue.

12. In the last screen, PRINT the Master Promissory Note to keep for your records.

You do not need to send us the documents - we get electronically notified when you complete the MPN and Entrance Interview.