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Husson Alumnus Saundra Pelletier Featured in Vogue

Husson Alumnus Saundra Pelletier Featured in Vogue

Date of Release: March 21, 2013

As founding CEO of WomenCare Global, a non-profit enterprise devoted to providing affordable access to high-quality reproductive health products for women and girls around the world through a sustainable supply chain and empowering them to make and act on safe choices, Saundra Pelletier has delivered quality, affordable products across the globe. Recently, Pelletier has partnered with Evofem Inc., a California based bio-technology company, to provide sales, marketing and global distribution of Evofem’s products, including Amphora and Softcup. Pelletier has also been named the new CEO of Evofem Inc.

With her success in full swing, Pelletier has been featured in the March 2013 issue of Vogue. Focusing on the work of WomenCare Global, Pelletier has expanded its reach to 100 countries, working with both clinics and healthcare providers to provide choices about growing their families. Pelletier explained, “Every woman wants to provide the highest quality of life for her children and women should have the choice to have smaller and healthier families—even if it means going against their religion, their husbands, or the law.” With WomenCare Global and Evofem Inc. aligning, they will further the offerings of innovative and safe reproductive health products to women and girls across the world and will remain by their sides for the entirety of the process, as Pelletier says, “You have to hold hand with women from the moment they first hear of us all the way down to the clinic. That’s what excites me—because that’s what makes the difference.”

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