Now Open: The Husson Center for Drug Information & Health Promotion

Now Open: The Husson Center for Drug Information & Health Promotion

Date of Release: April 7, 2014

The State of Maine is considered a rural state as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau. With only a few population centers in Maine, many healthcare professionals practice largely independently in primarily rural hospitals, clinics and pharmacies. Few have ready-access to the resources of a drug information center or any place to call for help by trained drug information professionals. In many parts of Maine, patients must often travel up to two hours to see a healthcare professional, get laboratory services or go to an emergency room. This travel and time is inconvenient, expensive and can be very uncomfortable for patients with chronic pain. There is also a need for health education campaigns to stem the tide of obesity, diabetes, high blood pressure, illicit drug use, smoking, etc. that impact the quality of patients’ lives and increase healthcare costs in Maine.

Husson University envisions an inter-professional drug & health education center where pharmacy nursing, physical and occupational therapy and other students can work together to solve patient care problems, research and respond to drug and health education questions, and create health promotion campaigns to help improve the health of Maine’s rural and aging population. Led by Dr. Robert Baker in the School of Pharmacy, students will research and evaluate scientific literature and prepare drug information responses drug information questions from healthcare professional s serving rural or medically underserved areas. Certain responses will be also reviewed by other faculty before the response is provided to the requestor, thereby providing significant additional value to healthcare professionals. Health promotion campaigns will focus on the needs of Maine citizens in rural locations and be coordinated with current and future public health initiatives.

The Husson Center for Drug Information & Health Promotion is located in Peabody 333-B and will be open from 8 am to 5 pm, Monday through Friday. Students who wish to participate in Center activities and projects should contact Dr. Robert Baker (P-333-A) at

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