Students in the fourth, fifth, and sixth years of the Physical Therapy program are required to participate in unpaid fulltime clinical experiences as part of their professional education. It is recommended that students budget an additional $2000-$2500 for travel, accommodations, etc. There are four clinical placement periods during the professional phase of the program as shown below:

  • Year 4—8-week placement generally mid-May to early July
  • Year 5—8-week placement from mid-October to mid-December
  • Year 5—8-week placement generally mid-July to early September
  • Year 6—6-week placement in January and February

Generally, the physical therapy program will attempt to place fourth-year students near their home for the first clinical placement (although this cannot be guaranteed). In the fifth and sixth years, students will be required to travel to other locations for their clinical placements. The program currently has contracts with approximately 200 clinical sites throughout the United States.