Available Equipment

The library's collection of AV equipment is for classroom instruction. The following equipment is available for this purpose:

  • TV with VCR/DVD Units (3)
  • Slide Projectors (2) – please specify if you need a carousel and if so, which size
  • CD/Cassette Player (1)
  • Cassette Players (2)
  • Portable Screen (2)
  • Tripod (1)
  • Easel (1)
  • Headphones (2)
  • Extension Cords (Several)

Borrowers must provide their own blank VHS tapes, DVD's, and cassette tapes.

NOTE: Projection equipment (both computer and overheads) is reserved through the Information Resources office.

Reserving Equipment

Due to the limited number available, reserving equipment ahead of time is essential to ensure that all users are efficiently served. There are three ways to reserve equipment:

  • Fill out an AV Equipment Scheduling Form in person at the Circulation Desk.
  • Email Diane at hanscomd@husson.edu.
  • Call the Library @ 941-7188

When reserving a piece of equipment, it is important to provide the following information:

  • Your name and phone number or email address.
  • Type of equipment required.
  • Date needed.
  • Pick-Up/Return time.
  • Building and/or room number where equipment will be used.

Students who wish to use equipment for class presentations, may reserve it under their professor's name. The faculty member assumes responsibility for equipment used under their authorization.

If reserved equipment is no longer needed, please cancel the reservation promptly.

Picking Up & Returning Equipment

The library does not pick up or deliver AV equipment. Faculty, staff or their designated students are responsible for picking up and returning equipment to the Library Circulation Desk.

  • When picking up equipment, library assistants will help you. Please do not remove the equipment from the office or from behind the Circulation Desk yourself. Some items will need to be checked out on the computer.
  • Make sure to get any instructions needed on how to use the equipment from the library staff before leaving.
  • Equipment should be returned to the library at the end of the scheduled time. This will avoid disappointing other users who are waiting for the equipment.
  • Never leave equipment unattended in unlocked classrooms.

If the equipment cannot be returned to the library before the library closes, arrangements must be made to safeguard the equipment overnight, or ask Security to return the equipment to the library for you.

Problems with Equipment

All equipment is checked and cleaned annually. However any problems, damage or malfunctions encountered should be reported to the library staff as soon as possible so the equipment can be taken out of service and repaired. Please be specific when describing the problem to aid the repair process. Broken bulbs and dead batteries can be replaced immediately.

You may test the equipment in the library when picking it up to make sure you know how to operate it and that it is functioning properly.

*The Library is not involved with AV production, duplication or repair.