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Language Placement Policy

Husson University values second language learning as a part of our mission to help students prepare professionally and personally for the challenges of a constantly changing world, and become acquainted with diverse cultural and global perspectives.

All students who enroll in Spanish or French classes must take a placement test prior to the beginning of class so that they may be placed in a class at the appropriate level.

Students who have strong proficiency in one of these languages and score highly on the test have an opportunity to test out of their general education language requirement and substitute an elective class instead.

Registration Procedure: If you intend to take a Spanish or French class, you or your academic advisor should first register you for the following courses:

· LC098.001 Spanish Pending Placement
· LC099.001 French Pending Placement

When valid scores have been received on placement tests, students will be placed in the appropriate sections.

The placement test can be taken online and will take most students about 20 minutes.

To take the test, go to:
Password: eagles1

You will be given your test score immediately, along with a recommendation of the course in which you should be enrolled.

If your score is near the cut-off score for a level consult with the language instructor about which course is best for you. Language instructors have the final say over which course you should be in.


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Placement for Spanish and French

Below 200 or less than 2 years of high school language instruction: Introduction to Spanish I, Introduction to French I 200 to 400, successful completion of LC111 or LC121, or 2 or more years of high school instruction in the language: Medical Spanish, Introduction to Spanish II, Introduction to French II Above 400: You may qualify to be waived from the Foreign Culture and Conversation general education requirement. If you earn a 400 or above, contact Dr. Guthrie to arrange for the follow-up conversation test with a language instructor.

While taking the placement test, Husson University's Academic Honesty Policy applies as with any test you take for Husson (See: Under reporting or over reporting your language experience or cheating to improve or lower your score will result in an Academic Integrity Violation Report.